How to Cook Healthy Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes

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Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes. This sun dried and roma tomato bruschetta recipe is so flavorful, you won't even know it's healthy! Bread piled with tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and basil! Sun dried and roma tomato bruschetta.

Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes This creamy spread is great on our sun-dried tomato bruschetta. Also, it is terrific as a dip for veggies, and we loved it with our watercress and roasted beet salad. We used the oil-packed sun dried tomatoes for our sun dried tomato bruschetta which we drained in a fine-mesh strainer and then blotted off the excess oil with paper towels. You can make Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here you go how you cook that.

Ingredients of Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes

  1. You need 1 1/2 cup of Olive Oil.
  2. It’s 2 of Garlic Cloves (optional).
  3. Prepare 150 grams of Sun Dried Tomatoes.
  4. You need 2 tablespoons of Oregano.
  5. You need of Salt.
  6. You need 1 pinch of Sugar.

Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta with Goat Cheese. In a large bowl combine the roma tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, basil, salt and pepper. On a baking tray arrange the baguette slices in a single layer. Add oil to pan; place over medium-high heat until hot.

Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes Instructions

  1. Add tomatoes into a multi blender or a hand grind..
  2. Continue by adding the salt, sugar and 1 tablespoon of oregano..
  3. Add in half of the olive oil, garlic. Since I am not a fan of garlic I added garlic for the others who enjoy eating garlic..
  4. Cut a nice piece of bread homemade if possible ? warm out of the oven add olive oil, tomato paste and top off with the rest of the oregano. Kali Orexi!!! ?.

Add onion and green pepper; saute until tender. Spread tomato mixture evenly over toasted bread. Smash the chickpeas and add the parsley, extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Easy Bruschetta With Pesto And Sun-Dried Tomatoes features homemade basil Pesto, sautéed zucchini and delicious sun-dried tomatoes. If you're looking for a very best crowd-pleasing appetizer for birthday party, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can count on this Basil Pesto Bruschetta to deliver.

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