How to Prepare Yummy Loaded Potato Soup

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Loaded Potato Soup.

Loaded Potato Soup You can have Loaded Potato Soup using 14 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Loaded Potato Soup

  1. It’s 6 of Yukon Gold Potatoes (Diced).
  2. It’s 1/2 of Large Yellow or Sweet Onion (Diced).
  3. You need 3 Cloves of Garlic.
  4. Prepare 4 Tbsp of Butter.
  5. Prepare 4 Tbsp of All Purpose Flour.
  6. Prepare 3 Cups of Whole Milk.
  7. Prepare 3 Cups of Chicken Broth.
  8. It’s 1 lb of Bacon.
  9. You need 1/2 Cup of Sour Cream.
  10. You need 2 Cups of Shredded Cheese (Sharp Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, Muenster).
  11. Prepare 3-4 of Chicken Bouillon Cubes.
  12. Prepare 1/2 tsp of Black Pepper (Or To Taste).
  13. Prepare of Salt (To Taste).
  14. Prepare 1 Bunch of Green Onions (Diced) (Garnish).

Loaded Potato Soup instructions

  1. Scrub and Dice Potatoes. Place in a bowl of cold water and set aside. Dice onion, set aside..
  2. Cut bacon into 1" pieces or so. Cook bacon in a skillet until crisp. Set aside on a paper towel lined plate. Reserve around 1 Tbsp of bacon grease. Shred Cheeses and set aside..
  3. Heat a large Stock Pot to Medium Heat, add Butter and 1 Tbsp of Bacon Grease. Add Yellow Onions. Cook until translucent, about 5 – 6 Minutes. Add Garlic, cook until fragrant, about 1 – 2 Minutes..
  4. Add All Purpose Flour and whisk constantly for about 1 Minute. Add Milk slowly while whisking. Add Chicken Broth, Chicken Bouillon, and strained Potatoes. Bring to a boil, then simmer over Medium to Medium Low Heat for 20 Minutes..
  5. Add Sour Cream, 3/4 of the Cheese, 1/2 of the Bacon. Stir and Cook another few minutes. Taste for seasoning. Add more Salt or Pepper, if needed..
  6. Ladle into a bowl, and top with some Green Onions, Cheese, and Bacon. Enjoy!.

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