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Potato leaves.

Potato leaves You can have Potato leaves using 8 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Potato leaves

  1. It’s 130 ml of palmoil.
  2. You need 100 ml of water.
  3. You need of Freshly pounded ogri (bennie seeds).
  4. You need of Pepper (to your satisfaction).
  5. It’s of Seasoning cubes and salt.
  6. It’s of Onions.
  7. You need of potato leaves.
  8. It’s of Boiled Meat and fish.

Potato leaves step by step

  1. Mix the water and palm oil.
  2. Add the Ogri, pepper and some seasoning cubes. Allow it to boil..
  3. Mix through out so that it doesn’t stick below..
  4. Allow it to boil for about 30 mins stack and add the meat..
  5. Add the potato leaves and mix. (That where the trick is)..
  6. Add the dried fish and cover. After 10 mins mix through it and you’ll have your fresh potato leaves ready to be served..

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