Recipe: Healthy Yui inspired spicy mixed fish and salad

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Yui inspired spicy mixed fish and salad. I served it with a simple salad as a delicious starter. #onerecipeonetree #fish #spicy #starter #Thai Miss Fluffy's Cooking. Get delivery from Yui Marlu super-fast to your door. Order online and track your order live..

Yui inspired spicy mixed fish and salad Antipasto Pasta Salad A nice balsamic vinegar and oil mixture with oregano, parsley and Parmesan whipped in. It compliments this hearty salad, with its robust ingredients – salami, pepperoni, Asiago cheese and lots of tomatoes. Spicy Thai-Style Zucchini Carrot Salad Matchstick ribbons of zucchini and carrot mingle with grassy, fresh herbs, and roasted peanuts in this salad inspired by the flavors of Thailand. You can make Yui inspired spicy mixed fish and salad using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here you go how you cook it.

Ingredients of Yui inspired spicy mixed fish and salad

  1. It’s 300 g of mixed fish, I used salmon and swordfish.
  2. It’s 2-3 tablespoons of soy sauce.
  3. It’s Teaspoon of peanut butter.
  4. It’s Half of a teaspoon of Thai red curry paste.
  5. You need Dash of coconut milk.
  6. It’s Half of a teaspoon of brown sugar.
  7. Prepare of Sesame oil.

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Yui inspired spicy mixed fish and salad Step by step

  1. Mix all the sauce ingredients together. Wash and chop fish into chunks. Add the marinate to the fish. Mix and leave in fridge for an hour.
  2. Heat oil in a pan. Add fish and cook on medium heat for about 6-7 minutes..
  3. Serve with a nice salad ?.

Like any recipe, once you've mastered the most basic version, it's fun to step things up with flavorful tweaks and variations on the original. Take a classic vinaigrette, for example — if you're looking for some extra oomph, the addition of fish sauce is what your salad dressing has been missing. This recipe is a play on a basic vinaigrette; the kind of dressing that you're probably. Green papaya salad is a Southeast Asian classic, but that green papaya can be hard to find in many parts of the States. Spicy Sriracha Crab and Cucumber Salad.

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