Recipe: Tasty Watermelon Peach Tonic Smoothie

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Watermelon Peach Tonic Smoothie. This watermelon smoothie is otherworldly in its smooth texture, juicy sweetness, refreshing flavor (do you know what I mean? watermelon "flavor" is just SO mind-blowing. This Watermelon Peach Smoothie will cool you down on these last hot days of summer. It's the perfect end of summer cooler to use up those last juicy pieces of summer's seasonal produce.

Watermelon Peach Tonic Smoothie I didn't add greens as I wanted a beautiful pink color for the photo, but feel free to add a handful or two of spinach. Watermelon smoothies are a bit different from other fruit smoothies since watermelon has extremely high water content. You could make this smoothie with fresh watermelon and crushed ice instead, but it will have a juice-like consistency, not like a milkshake-like texture, which most people prefer. You can have Watermelon Peach Tonic Smoothie using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here you go how you cook it.

Ingredients of Watermelon Peach Tonic Smoothie

  1. You need 1/2 slice of Peach.
  2. Prepare 1 cup of watermelon–sliced into 1 inch cubes.
  3. Prepare 1/3 cup of tonic water.
  4. Prepare 1 of splash of cherry or orange juice.

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Watermelon Peach Tonic Smoothie Preparation

  1. Put tonic water in first. Then add fruit and other juices. If you have watermelon juice from the sweet fruit add that in the blender too.
  2. Blend until desired consistency.

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